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A protocol packet or merchandise of e mail (the latter can be called a letterbomb) that takes advantage of misfeatures or security holes on the goal system to do untoward things. Disapproving mail, esp. from a web.god, pursuant to a violation of netiquette or a complaint about failure to appropriate teco zap cap reviews some mail- or information-transmission drawback. Compare shitogram, mailbomb. A status report from an sad, and possibly picky, customer. “What’d Corporate say in at present’s nastygram?” four.

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Since it results from a deliberate and properly carried out function, a misfeature just isn’t a bug. A misfeature could be a notably stubborn downside to resolve, because fixing it normally involves a substantial philosophical change to the construction of the system concerned.

Usenet groups could be `unmoderated’ (anybody can submit) or `moderated’ (submissions are automatically directed to a moderator, who edits or filters after which posts the outcomes). Some newsgroups have parallel mailing lists for Internet individuals with no netnews access, with postings to the group routinely propagated to the listing and vice versa. Some moderated teams (particularly these which are actually gatewayed Internet mailing lists) are distributed as `digests’, with groups of postings periodically collected into a single massive posting with an index.

[University of Illinois] A shield to prevent tripping of some Big Red Switch by clumsy or ignorant palms. Originally used of the plexiglass covers improvised for the BRS on an IBM 4341 after a programmer’s toddler daughter (named Molly) frobbed it twice in in the future. Later generalized to covers over cease/reset switches on disk drives and networking equipment. [common] A flag, often in hardware, that selects between two (often quite completely different) modes of operation. The connotations are completely different from flag bit in that mode bits are mainly written during a boot or set-up part, are seldom explicitly learn, and rarely change over the lifetime of an ordinary program.

Compare hack up, kluge up, cruft collectively. from the Sixties counterculture expression `Mongolian clusterfuck’ for a public orgy] Development by gang bang. Implies that large numbers of inexperienced programmers are being placed https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zap on a job better performed by a couple of skilled ones (however see bazaar). Also known as `Chinese Army method’; see also Brooks’s Law.

A ridiculously elephantine program or system, esp. one that is buggy or only marginally practical. The high quality of being monstrous (see `Overgeneralization’ in the dialogue of jargonification). See also baroque. To hack together %keywords% hardware for a selected task, especially a one-shot job. Connotes an extremely cruftyand consciously temporary answer.

Around 1991 there was an unsuccessful movement to deprecate the term MUD itself, as newer designs exhibit an exploding number of names comparable to the totally different simulation kinds being explored. See additionally bonk/oif, FOD, hyperlink %keywords%-useless, mudhead, discuss mode. [by analogy with `typo’] An error in mouse utilization leading to an inappropriate choice or graphic rubbish on the screen. Compare thinko, braino.

  • Esp. used in the building `bushy plumbing’ (see hairy).
  • [from the submariners’ term for a sonar pulse] 1.
  • A few different OSs similar to IBM’s VM/CMS assist similar services.
  • “You can kluge together a fundamental spell-checker out of type, comm, and tr with a little plumbing.” See also tee.
  • Slang term for a small network message (ICMP ECHO) sent by a pc to examine for the presence and alertness of one other.
  • The Unix command ping can be utilized to do that manually (notice that ping’s author denies the widespread people etymology that the name was ever supposed as acronym for `Packet INternet Groper’).

To manipulate a computer’s pointing device (nearly at all times a mouse on this usage, but not essentially) and its selection or command buttons earlier than a computer program is able to settle for such input, in anticipation of this system https://www.binance.com/ accepting the input. Handling this properly is rare, but it could help make a WIMP setting far more usable, assuming the customers are familiar with the conduct of the consumer interface.

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It was also the primary OS to run on a symmetric multiprocessor, and the only common-function system to be awarded a B2 security ranking by the NSA (see Orange Book). [from “MULTiplexed Information and Computing Service”] An early time-sharing operating system co-designed by a consortium together with MIT, GE, and Bell Laboratories as a successor to CTSS. The design was first offered in 1965, planned for operation in 1967, first operational in 1969, and took a number of more years to achieve respectable performance and stability.

When spam started to be a significant issue around 1995, and a free network of anti-spammers fashioned to fight it, spammers immediately accused them of being the backbone cabal, or the Cabal reborn. Though this was not true, spam-fighters ironically accepted the label and the tag line “There is No Cabal” reappeared (later, and now commonly, abbreviated to “TINC”).

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(var. `net.cops’) Those Usenet readers who really feel it is their accountability to pounce on and flame any posting which they regard as offensive or in violation of their understanding of netiquette. Generally used sarcastically or pejoratively. Also spelled `net https://cex.io/ police’. See additionally web.-, code police.

[Usenet] Silly synonym for newsgroup, originally a typo but now in regular use on Usenet’s speak.weird, and different lunatic-fringe teams. Compare hing, grilf, pr0n and filk. [Usenet] The salvos of dueling newgroup and rmgroup messages sometimes exchanged by persons on opposite sides of a dispute over whether or not a newsgroup should be created net teco zap cap reviews-broad, or (much more incessantly) whether or not an obsolete one must be removed. These often settle out within every week or two because it becomes clear whether or not the group has a natural constituency (often, it does not).

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To modify knowledge indirectly the speaker doesn’t want to enter proper now or cannot describe succinctly (compare mumble). To add spamblock to an e mail address. Exploration of security holes of another person’s laptop for thrills, notoriety, or to annoy the system supervisor.

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