You have to work through the complexity of feelings.

But we always have to link Muslim anti-Semitism to anti-Semitism in society as a whole. You started doing projects against anti-Semitism in 2012. At some point I noticed that many young people no longer felt addressed by the history class. It was complained, for example, that the history of guest workers in school books and the Middle East conflict are hardly discussed.

These are the issues that are very emotionally charged in the migration society. Often there were statements like: History lessons are only tailored to the majority of society. That got us thinking. History lessons have to be designed in such a way that everyone feels involved. Was there something like a key experience in getting involved? Yes. In our Duisburg youth center, some Muslim youths attracted attention through anti-Semitic statements.

On the other hand, there was a young person who said: Why should I actually deal with German history when teachers give me the feeling every day that I’m not really German – even though I have a German passport? Such an experience of discrimination builds up distance. They offer regular trips to Auschwitz to the concentration camp. What else do you do? We offer the young people a biography study because that doesn’t happen in history lessons. In the second part we deal with the history of the Nazi era in Duisburg.

Then we take up current anti-Semitism on the Internet and in popular culture. After this preparation we go on the memorial tours. In Auschwitz, the young people are given a group diary. On the basis of this, they then write roles and scenes with which they put on a play in schools six months later. What does the Auschwitz visit do to the young people? Many react very emotionally, show empathy and are appalled by the terror the inmates experience had to. Sometimes tears flow.

Many young people ask themselves: What are human rights for and why are they so important? What happens in a lawless society where vigilante justice is on the agenda? We try to catch that in the play. The question of responsibility and relevance to the present are important here.

We often receive feedback from school classes that they think it’s good when their peers get involved in civil society and publicize the topic. Do the young people volunteer to take part? Voluntariness is our top priority. Unfortunately, we sometimes get calls from teachers who say: We have five boys here who have anti-Semitic attitudes. We don’t do that.

We advertise in schools or on the Internet, so young people come to us. How difficult is it to soften prejudices and get to them? It’s not only difficult, but also tedious. Our work has a lot to do with emotions. If you develop a critical awareness of history or question enemy images, then you are initially very insecure.biology essay service online

It takes a lot of time to develop an attitude and also courage to put that attitude into practice. This is often underestimated by politicians. Educational work against anti-Semitism is a long process. We have young people who have been with us for four or five years and still want to deepen the topic. We have to create offers.

Many teachers imagine this to be a bit easy. They think we’ll do the play with them and then everyone goes out and they’re no longer anti-Semites. This is a dream.

Likewise, it is naive to think that young people visit a memorial and come out as enthusiastic democrats. You have to work through the complexity of feelings. Youngsters need to learn to develop a language for their feelings.

It’s important to us that we help transform history teaching and better prepare teachers for it. Because modern history lessons must also include the migration history of the students. Can’t such projects mainly reach young people who are still relatively moderate? We have also had young people who had quite anti-Semitic attitudes at the beginning and said that they were not Jews want to encounter. The range is wide. It is important that young people learn a culture of argument and discussion among themselves.

In 2017 we performed our play in front of 2000 people. With this we reach the whole of society. Because there are many in Germany who say: All of the remembering has to come to an end. The defensive stance to pursue an active culture of remembrance is relatively strong in society as a whole, with attacks on Jews in Berlin and other cities. Can you even get to such hardliners with rational arguments? You can reach them emotionally.

We try to trigger topics that everyone knows through role play. We don’t go into a class and immediately talk about anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has a lot to do with patriarchal family structures and related narratives. We only get into the topic through the topic of masculinity.

We reach the young people exactly when we show them an alternative point of view. When we show that there is a very diverse society in Israel. Many do not even know that there are also Arab parties in the Israeli parliament.

We also tell young people about Muslim rescuing families who hid Jews during World War II and risked their own lives. You can easily reach them with something like that. They want to start a video project. What are your plans? We want to use videos to draw attention to the phenomenon of anti-Semitism and to raise awareness of the victims’ perspective.

But we also want to offer strategies to discuss the topic in their environment and to act against anti-Semitism in society as a whole. The videos are not only for young people, but also for adults. Christian Rothenberg spoke with Burak Yilmaz. Source: “Two time penalties thwart Lewis Hamilton’s record plan. At the Russian Grand Prix, the Mercedes driver was only third over the Finish line, his team-mate Valtteri Bottas wins.

Sebastian Vettel can’t improve, record postponed, victory lost: Lewis Hamilton scolded wildly, but he couldn’t get past Michael Schumacher on Sunday. A serious mistake by his Mercedes team slowed the Formula 1 king at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi on the hunt for the record world champion’s 91 victories. In the end, Hamilton saved third place across the finish line, his lead in the World Championship standings was never endangered. The beneficiary of the Hamilton disaster was his victorious team-mate Valtteri Bottas. “” That wasn’t the best day for me, but what the heck, “said Hamilton afterwards tightly and didn’t want to talk about the unauthorized trial starts before the race that he had Had brought punishment: “” It is no longer important.

I am taking these points with me now. Congratulations to Valtteri. “” Bottas continued the impressive series of star drivers in Sochi with his second win of the season ahead of Max Verstappen in the Red Bull: A Mercedes has always won the seven races on the Black Sea so far. “” It’s great to finally be back in front, it was a while ago, “said Bottas, who had obviously built up a lot:” “To everyone who feels addressed: F **** you” ” he shouted in the pit radio in the direction of his critics after crossing the finish line. The gap to Hamilton in the classification is still 44 World Championship points. Pole man Hamilton had maintained the lead right from the start with ever new personal bests until the race management slowed him down with a ten-second penalty. On the introductory lap before the race, the six-time world champion had, as usual, done trial starts, albeit in places not intended – he got the okay for this from his pit crew. Hamilton can only equalize Schumacher’s 91 victories in October – at the Nürburgring of all places. “” Man, that’s so ridiculous “”, the Briton scolded into the pit radio: “” They do everything to slow me down. “” He sat the entire ten seconds when changing tires, cursed here too (“” You have me a lot brought in too early “”) and started his chase through the field on the hard rubbers. For Ferrari the lead was again far away, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc had nothing to do with the decision.

In the run-up to his 250th Grand Prix, Vettel had received a sumptuous cake from the team, and there was nothing sporty to celebrate for the four-time world champion. In the end he ended up in 13th place well outside of the points, Leclerc made it at least a little better with sixth place. The race had started with two spectacular crashes, and the safety car came out on the first lap. Carlos Sainz (McLaren) and a little later Lance Stroll (Racing Point) literally couldn’t take the corner. Stroll had lost control of his car after coming into contact with Leclerc’s Ferrari.

There was at least one record man on Sunday: veteran Kimi Räikkönen drove his 322nd race in Sochi and caught up with the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello. He insisted on sending congratulations via Twitter: “” Welcome to the 322 – but watch out for Alonso. “” The Spaniard is celebrating his comeback at Renault in 2021 after two sabbatical years, he has so far completed 312 Grand Prix starts It was also unclear in Sochi whether Mercedes would also compete in the current line-up in the coming season. “” These are difficult times in the world, it is not easy to negotiate, “said Hamilton when asked why he had not yet extended his contract, which was due to expire at the end of 2020.

Team boss Toto Wolff still sees his place at Mercedes, but “” in which function I don’t “” know yet. It’s about “” how I can do this job effectively, because I never want to slip down from very good to good “”. Source:, tsi / sid “Yehuda Teichtal (center) and another rabbi consecrate Hanukkah -Chandelier at the Brandenburg Gate. (Photo: dpa) Tonight, a Hanukkah chandelier will be lit in front of the Brandenburg Gate, as it has been for several years. It was inaugurated in the afternoon by Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal of the Chabad community in Berlin Anti-Israel demonstrations in the last few days, he says: “” There must be a clear zero-tolerance policy for calls for murder. “” Are you concerned about the demonstrations in the past few days during which Israeli flags were burned Yehuda Teichtal: Yes, that is very worrying and causes great concern for many people when “Child Murderer Israel” is chanted in the center of Berlin, when “” Death to the Jews “” is shouted and the Israeli flag is burned.

This, of course, is a source of anxiety and worry. That is why it has a very special meaning to light the Hanukkah candles at the Brandenburg Gate today: as a message of light over darkness. And there has to be a clear signal from politics and the public that something like this will not be accepted or tolerated under any circumstances. Does it make a difference for you whether it is right-wing extremist anti-Semitism marching on the streets or Islamist or Islamic anti-Semitism? “Extremism is extremism.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and not to have to worry when their daughter or son is out on the street. Therefore, our clear expectation and hope is a stricter approach to anti-Semitism. We can only live well together if we have a society in which people can trust each other, in which people know that nobody is an outsider, in which people have moral courage. Did the police and politics react correctly to the riots? Murder, against whom, is not acceptable.

For an open, tolerant society it is also unacceptable for flags to be burned. Would you have liked a clearer political reaction? There must be a clear zero-tolerance policy for calls for murder, there must be a zero-tolerance policy when the Israeli flag is burned – especially here in Germany. When part of society is excluded, it is an attack on society as a whole. Has everything been sufficient so far?

Definitely not. But we have confidence in the government and in the security forces. Hubertus Volmer spoke with Yehuda Teichtal. Source: “In November, the” Miss Universe “was chosen in Las Vegas. This year’s winner came from South Africa. (Photo: AP) On the stage of “” Miss Universe “” the women are competitors.

But behind the scenes friendships are of course allowed. So “” Miss Iraq “” and “” Miss Israel “” post a selfie together. But for one of the two women it was fatal. A joint photo with Israel’s beauty queen has unpleasant consequences for “” Miss Iraq “” and her family: relatives of the 27-year-old Sarah Idan temporarily fled Iraq to the US because of hostility and threats, reported the Israeli news site Hadashot News. She relied on statements by “” Miss Israel “”, Adar Gandelsman.

Idan himself posted an article on Friday about her family’s escape on Twitter, saying: “I am neither the first nor the last person to be persecuted for an issue of personal freedom.” “The two women had each other in mid-November when choosing the “” Miss Universe “” in Las Vegas, let them be photographed together and spread the pictures on the Internet via Instagram. Idan wrote: “” Peace and love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel. “” The pictures caused great outrage in Iraq, also because Idan appeared in a bikini. Idan then explained on Instagram that she only wanted to use the picture to express her wish for peace between all countries.

It wasn’t about supporting the Israeli government, the Baghdad-born beauty queen lives in the United States, among other places. “” She is a very intelligent woman, and she did it so that people would understand that it is possible to live together, “” Gandelsman told Hadashot News. She and Idan met on the second day of the competition and got along well. “” Since then we have been in contact and talk all the time. “” Gandelsman himself had written on her Instagram page next to the picture: “” May I introduce, this is Miss Iraq, and she is wonderful. “” Source: ntv. de, kpi / dpa “Unesco denied religious and historical references to the Western Wall in East Jerusalem. (Photo: REUTERS) Nobody should be surprised about Israel and the USA leaving Unesco.

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